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In August 2009, Arul Thiru Amma presented our Mandram with blessings to conduct all the major festivals and activities as an independent Mandram. SHE instructed us in a Paatha Poojai to commence our very first festival (Adipooram) with drawing of the SRI CHAKKARAM and performing Kalasa Vizhaku Yagna.


Adi Pooram 2009

Guru Poojai was conducted on the 8th of August. Kalasa Vizhaku Yagna, Adipooram Kanji / Porridge carrying and offering Milk Abishegam for Suyambu, alongside Anathaanam took place grandly on the 9th of August. Sakthis stayed over night to complete all the preparations for the different aspects of the festival and to draw and decorate the SRI CHAKKARAM.The SRI CHAKKARAM has a repute for being the most divine and complex and time consuming Chakkaram to draw and can only be successfully done with Arul Thiru AMMA’s blessings. Most believed it be Arul Thiru AMMA’s grace which allowed us to successfully complete all of what AMMA instructed us to do over a two day period and for the very first time. 


Navaratri Agandam, 2009

On the 26th of November 2009, as per Arul Thiru AMMA’s instructions Navaratri Agandam festival was conducted. This was a full day pooja involving the lighting of the Agandam Jothi in the morning, followed by offering of the holy Tri-oil (mixed with the oil lit by Arul Thiru AMMA Herself), Laksha Archanai and ending with the cooling of the Agandam Jothi. Devotees made the festival more grand with their dance and music performances which concluded with Annathaanam.

MIRACLE: Arul Thiru AMMA made this celebration yet another memorable one by gifting our Mandram with HER appearance in the form of a new Sakthi. The vibe felt by the presence of this new Sakthi made many Sakthis feel as if Arul Thiru AMMA was present in disguise. While this was all happening a Sakthi from Melbourne was doing Paatha Poojai to Arul Thiru AMMA and SHE confirmed HER presence at our Mandram! 


Thai Poosam, 2010

Thai Poosam Jothi celebration held on the 7th of February 2010, marked one of many celebration of major festivals in the year 2010. Arul Thiru AMMA repeatedly gave blessings and guidance in Paatha Poojai to several youth devotees prior to the Jothi celebrations to conduct this festival grandly. SHE also gifted a youth member the opportunity to film the whole procedure of lighting the Jothi celebration in Siththar peetam so that the same procedures can be followed in Melbourne, Australia. 


70th Incarnation Day / Avathaara Thiru Naal

Arul Thiru AMMA’s 70th Incarnation Day celebration was conducted on the 7th of March 2010. A Kalasa Vizhaku Velvi / Yagna for the wellbeing of Arul Thiru AMMA was conducted in the morning. This was followed by Vazhipaadu, Paatha Poojai, cake cutting for Arul Thiru AMMA by kids and a number of music and dance performances in the evening and ended with Aanathaanam.

MIRACLE: An extraordinary happening took place during this auspicious festival. Severe rain started lashing out in the evening following the Yagna - so heavy that water was beginning to leak inside the otherwise well sealed hall, but at no stage causing any disturbance to any of our Poojai proceedings. At the exact point in time of the conclusion of the Paatha Poojai, rain started gushing so heavily down onto Arul Thiru AMMA’s chair (where AMMA’s photo and Paatham were placed). The chair was placed beside the Karuvarai table, as though AMMA was sitting and facing the sakthis offering Paatha Poojai. As dance and music performances were next on the agenda and with the rain pouring down on the chair, we had to inevitably move the chair. It was placed in front of the Sakthis/audience with the chair’s back facing the sakthis – exactly the way Arul Thiru AMMA sits and watches the birthday performances in Siththar Peetam. Most felt as though AMMA wanted to watch the performances also, and thus at the very start of the performances made sure HER chair was moved at a position so SHE can rejoice in HER children’s performances for HER.

*It is worth noting that there were discussions among the devotees with some saying the chair should not be moved around unnecessarily while others believed that it is only appropriate the chair is moved so that Arul Thiru AMMA can watch and enjoy the performances. If the chair was not moved Arul Thiru AMMA would not have seen the performances with a front view.


Chitra Pournami, 2010

On the 24th of April 2010, we conducted Chithira Pournami festival. Three Chakkaram were drawn to accommodate for the large number of sakthis wanting to partake in the Vizhaku Poojai. Due to hiring a different hall for the Poojai, we had a tight time constraint, leaving us with approximately only eight hours to do all the preparation work before the Chitra Pournami Vizhaku Poojai commenced. Despite it being a working / school day a large number of Sakthis took part in all the services with a Sakthi travelling from another state to partake in this auspicious festival. Again, with Arul Thiru AMMA’s grace a vibrant and energetic Poojai was completed successfully.


Adi Pooram, 2010

AMMA blessed and instructed our mandram to give special Annathaanam as part of the Adipooram celebration which was held on the 14th of August 2010. Vazhipaadu poojai, Rice porridge / kanji procession and offering along with milk offering to Suyambu took place on this day and ended with Sirappu Annathaanam.

MIRACLE: At the conclusion of our pooja and commencement of Annathaanam, a new sakthi came to view our Mandram’s proceedings and once again left a vibe among many Sakthis of Arul Thiru AMMA’s presence and this Sakthi resembled a smile and demeanour akin to that of our beloved Arul Thiru AMMA’s.


Navaratri Agandam, 2010

On the 16th of October 2010, Agandam Jothi lighting took place with Nathasvaram and Melam performances. This was followed by devotees offering Tri-oil to the Agandam and partaking in Laksha Archanai. Agandam Jothi was cooled off based on Siththar Peetam instructions accompanied by a variety of dance, music and poetry performances followed by Annathaanam.

MIRACLE: Due to the strict Australian quarantine rules, our mandram was having great difficulty in receiving the Navarathiri Agandam oil from Melmaruvathur Sithar Peedam for the proceedings. Fortunately, with AMMA’s grace the oil made through all quarantine checks and was delivered to us the day before our festival.


Mahaa Yagna for the Welfare of the Country, December 2014

With Arul Thiru Amma’s grace and blessings, the Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Spiritual Movement, Melbourne, Australia  conducted a Mahaa Yagna (large scale fire worship ritual) for the welfare of Australia and New Zealand on the 28th of December 2014.

In 2014, Australia and New Zealand faced many disasters throughout its states including bushfires, earth quakes, flash flooding, 38 Australian lives being compromised with the loss of flight MH017 and the Sydney terrorist siege.

Due to such negative occurrences taking place in our surroundings and to our fellow neighbours, a mass Yagna and kalasa vizhaku pooja (sacrificial fire, sacred pot filled with Holy water and sacred lamp ritual worship) was performed to safeguard and protect our land, infrastructure and all life against destructions caused by both nature and man.

The Yagna was completed as per rituals instructed by Arul Thiru Amma of Melmaruvathur Siddhar Peetam, Chennai, India, with the main Yagna signifying our nature’s five elements – earth, water, fire, wind and sky.

This mass Yagna commenced with Guru pooja, (prayer ritual invoking the blessings of the Guru, Arul Thiru Amma) on the 26th December 2014 at 9am, followed by continuous preparation over the following two days.

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