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Mahaa Yagna for the Welfare of the Country, December 2014

With Arul Thiru Amma’s grace and blessings, the Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Spiritual Movement, Melbourne, Australia  conducted a Mahaa Yagna (large scale fire worship ritual) for the welfare of Australia and New Zealand on the 28th of December 2014.

In 2014, Australia and New Zealand faced many disasters throughout its states including bushfires, earth quakes, flash flooding, 38 Australian lives being compromised with the loss of flight MH017 and the Sydney terrorist siege.

Due to such negative occurrences taking place in our surroundings and to our fellow neighbours, a mass Yagna and kalasa vizhaku pooja (sacrificial fire, sacred pot filled with Holy water and sacred lamp ritual worship) was performed to safeguard and protect our land, infrastructure and all life against destructions caused by both nature and man.

The Yagna was completed as per rituals instructed by Arul Thiru Amma of Melmaruvathur Siddhar Peetam, Chennai, India, with the main Yagna signifying our nature’s five elements – earth, water, fire, wind and sky.

This mass Yagna commenced with Guru pooja, (prayer ritual invoking the blessings of the Guru, Arul Thiru Amma) on the 26th December 2014 at 9am, followed by continuous preparation over the following two days.


The preparation over the two days included:

Drawing of the chakkarams (complex sacred geometry of varying shapes used for prayer, worship, devotion and meditation) of the 7 Yagnas and 3 chakkarams for the placement of the kalasam (sacred pot filled with Holy water) and vizhaku (sacred lamp)

  • Building of the Yagnas according to the different shaped chakkarams

  • Various dhrishti preparation (items used to remove spiritual negative energy)

  • Kalasam and vizhaku preparation

  • Yagna and prayer recital offering preparation

  • Karuvarai (altar for worship) decoration and pooja (sacrificial worship) preparation.


The chakkaram consisting of 5 Yagnas signifying the 5 elements was drawn and colored as per Arul Thiru AMMA’s ‘panchapootha yaagakundam’. This chakkaram consists of:

  • Circle (blue): signifies the sky. Mother Aathiparasakthi is known to be responsible for allowing the spinning motion of the elements, the world and planets. The dust from earth, steam from water and smoke from fire all float into the sky and spin in a circular motion, which is represented by the circle. This same motion can also be witnessed in the spinning of the earth and planets.

  • Square (yellow): signifies the earth. The square represents all four corners seen by one on earth, and lord Bhrama’s four faces as he is believed to be the creator of all on earth.

  • Triangle (red): signifies fire. The triangle represents the shape of a flame, as the top of the flame is pointed like a triangle. Lord Ruthira, who is responsible for fire is also known to hold a triangular shaped flame in the palm of his hand.

  • Hexagon (white): signifies the air and wind.  The hexagon, formed by an upward and downward triangle, signifies the wind blowing the triangular shaped fire downwards, to form an upside down triangle, resulting in the formation of a hexagon. The combination of the two triangles also signifies the partnership of Lord Siva and Sakthi, who are also responsible for the creation of all. 

  • Octagon (light blue): signifies water. Amma typically describes the lunar moon shape to depict water. However in the ‘Panchapootha Velvi Chakkaram’ used previously as per Arul Thiru Amma’s instructions, an octagon was used to represent water.


Unlike other temples, Arul Thiru Amma provides the opportunity to both males and females from all walks and backgrounds to partake in performing such rituals and services. Arul Thiru Amma has said as we use both hands equally to adjoin and pray, we must not allow for any form of discrimination and partake in Her divine proceedings together.


Why do we pray to the Nature?

Mother Adhiparasakthi's Divine Oracle– 

“You get your food only because of the functioning of nature. Nature is considered as GOD. Peace can be gained if that divinity is worshipped. You will find a form only if you focus your mind. A form can be given to an object only with the help of five fingers. Nature can be controlled only by the ritual worship of the five elements of nature”.

In Hinduism, it is believed divinity can be found in eight significant aspects – the five elements of nature, sun, moon and our soul. Arul Thiru AMMA at all times reiterates the significance of worshipping these aspects and has described worshipping nature as the best manifestation of our tradition and culture.  

In fact the revelation of Arul Thiru AMMA’s spiritual movement and the almighty Aathiparasakthi Suyambu (a self-emerging, naturally formed oval-shaped rock form) which currently resides in the sanctum sanctorum of the Melmaruvathur Aathiparasakthi Sithar Peedam commenced with one of Mother Nature’s vigorous storms.

“The sun and the moon should be worshipped. Trees, plants and climbers should be adored. You are enjoying the benefits from these objects of Nature. It is your responsibility to adore and worship these objects you enjoy. You are dedicating to God only these objects that you enjoy. Such objects of Nature that are dedicated to God are meant to be adored and worshipped.” Mother Adhiparasakthi's Divine Oracle.


Significance of Yagna and Kalasa Vizhaku Pooja

In ancient times, worshipping was conducted through three methods:

  • Vedic method: Completing a Yagna by feeding the agni (fire), dedicating offerings and reciting prayer
  • Aagham method: Reciting prayers and performing flower offerings
  • Thanthira method (only performed by Saints and Yogi’s): Performing Thanthira prayer rituals using chakkarams, solar planet movements and reciting prayers.

In more recent times temples have started using all three methods to perform significant prayers and holy festivals.

In Her divine grace, Arul Thiru Amma has provided us with the various resources and instructions required to learn and complete such highly graded poojas. These poojas are used in important proceedings performed in highly regarded temples throughout India and the world. Arul Thiru AMMA has also spoke highly of the combination of chakkarams, Yagnas and reciting prayers.

Mother Adhiparasakthi's Divine Oracle-
“You will certainly gain benefits if you silently observe the sacrificial fire ritual performed here. You will gain the benefits of having performed meditation and yoga. You will gain immense benefits if the sound waves of these chants touch your body”.


At the conclusion of the pooja, the holy ash from each Yagna and kalasam theertham (holy water) were taken and sacrificed into the ocean. As the ocean travels across the straits of Australia and New Zealand, it is believed the ocean will carry and distribute the Holy ash and water throughout Australia and New Zealand’s waterways, thereby safeguarding and protecting Australia and its surrounding countries and islands.  Arul Thiru AMMA also describes the ocean to be a significant aspect of nature as its unity with the clouds (evaporating into the clouds and then coming back as rain) is known to be one of nature’s greatest bond.  

This was an incredibly memorable and invaluable experience for us as it was our first pooja completed with three days of continuous (including overnight) preparation work and with a large number of Yagnas. Being part of this worship centre and this spiritual movement has taught us how to perform many different rituals and a lot of what is involved to perform such poojas. It was definitely a delight for us to bring forward these skills and provide a service to the Australian and New Zealand community, not limited to praying for the welfare of our land, but also promoting peace and spirituality through prayer. We had devotees from Sydney, Adelaide, Queensland and New Zealand travel all the way to Melbourne to take part in this pooja.

We feel especially thankful to Arul Thiru AMMA, for blessing us with this opportunity to conduct such a service related pooja and for allowing us to complete it with great success. Many people commented on the spiritual vibrancy they felt throughout the prayers and were joyous to have been part of such a pooja. It was also great to see all attendees of the pooja, stay beyond the main Yagna pooja and contribute towards any kind of service available – be it pooja preparation or cleaning!

Arul Thiru AMMA’s divine presence was acknowledged by everyone through all three days, as it would have been otherwise impossible to complete such a large scale pooja with such a small number of hands.  

We hope to continue this divine Yagna yearly and wish to see more people coming to partake and or witness the rituals that are performed.

Our heartfelt prayers for the welfare and peace for our world.



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