2015 New Year Divine Revelation by Mother Adhiparasakthi

  1. This year will be a good year for everyone.

  2. Last year even good people were behaving in an unrighteous manner(akin to being affected by a virus). This year everyone will think good thoughts and therefore will be happy.

  3. Women must go everywhere in groups. For their safety they must not go out late at night. This may lead to various life-threatening and negative consequences such as death and assault. 

  4. Devotees should avoid coming to the temple via foot pilgrimage.

  5. All devotees must reach the temple by 8:00pm and must avoid
 travelling to the temple after this time for their safety. No matter how good a driver is they will still feel sleepy and therefore a high chance of accidents after this time. 

  6. One must not become world-weary. Instead, focus all your attention and energy on every single thing you do and do it to perfection.

  7. Pray to Mother Adhiparasakthi asking "Om Sakthi! Give me serenity and peace of mind".

  8. Even if you can't do good to others avoid thinking negative thought or performing negative deeds.

  9. No matter how the world changes women must be well-centered. The Adhiparasakthi Spiritual Movement consists of 90% women. Spiritual development of women will lead to spirituality being promoted within the house, and subsequently a ripple effect created to spread spirituality to the community, the nation and the world.

  10. Today's lifestyle is such that people pretend to listen and pretend to speak but there is no truth in anything.

  11. Politics, science, technology all require responsibility. Man cannot progress with science alone. Spirituality is also required.

MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Arul Thiru AMMA is the primary
 axis for spirituality to flourish from Melmaruvathur. Arul Thiru AMMA is the primordial source of everything.



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