Unconditional Love

Whilst practicing Spirituality
One must be open totally
For when Divine love enters one`s heart
Dislike, ego and other negative things depart
As big as a planet the heart expands
It's only then unconditional love it understands
For earlier it limited itself
Keeping love only for certain things or certain people for oneself
That's when it fails to open
To accept loving words spoken
This limitation causes it to be
Making one act selfishly
Loving only yourself and your kith and kin
Has not the existance of the Divine within
But when one feels the limitless expansion
Having entered God`s mansion
Unconditional love explodes for everyone and everything
There is no way you could cling
Only to certain things or certain people
But you reach every steeple
Living to love all equally
Filling the heart frequently
What Bliss! What Bliss!
This is....
Sakthi Arthi


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