Thankyou God

8 years have gone by
And each single day I`ve watched you grow
Through laughter and tears, sickness and pain
Life has taken us through this flow.
There is not a day when i havent thanked God
For giving me a son like you
Your playfulness and innocense
Brightens everyday through and through.
It is a big blessing in disguise
To be gifted with a child
Everyday is to be cherished and treasured
Right from the time you were born and smiled.
You`ve kept me on my toes since then
And for you i always wanted the best
Teaching and telling you everything i know
And to God I`ll leave the rest.
It's a big responsibility to be a parent
And i am blessed to be one too
God`s placed this precious jewel in my hand
And said “This is for you“!
Your birth brought back the joy to my life
Something I waited for so long
All that darkness and sorrow disappeared
For you I became strong.
As your mother i shall protect you
Until my very end
Praying for your safety, health and joy
On God you must depend.
I may not be here forever
Someday I will be gone
But trusting in the Divine Mother
She`ll take care of you from dusk to dawn.
But as long as I live
I`ll see that you have the best of everything
Good food, clothes, shoes, guidance and all
Like two best friends we`ll joke, laugh and sing.
There will be times when I do feel
I got to correct your mistakes
This is part of motherhood
But to chisel you into a good person, I`ll do everything it takes.
Life has it's ups and downs
We have to experience it all
Living and making the best of life
Until God`s final call.
Mummy`s discipline at times are hard
But I am sure you understand
Learning that smoking, drinking and drugs are bad
Through life I`ll hold your hand.
Your anger might hate me at times
But we`ll always be best friends, a loving mother and son
For someday when i am gone
You`ll look back on all this fun.
Thankyou God for giving me this child
Let him grow up in your grace
Guide him, protect him and fill him with your love
And let him spread this to the human race.
Salthi Arthi


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