How life suddenly changes

From diseases to destruction it ranges

Just when you think life is rosy

Cherishing life with your loved ones and getting cozy

Life hits you one fine day

Being diagnosed with cancer, a stroke or in some other way

Paralysing our very existence

Putting a hold on consistence

Like flames from a fire, fear spreads

Time thins like hanging threads

Like a shadow, death lurks around

Eerie is even the slightest sound

But if only one knows the truth

When life's crudeness steals our physical youth

The body perishes and dies

And if you question the wise

They`d say - 'The soul is unaffected with sickness and pain'

With all the good deeds,  'Moksha' (salvation) does it attain

This truth every human being must perceive

But why then do we grieve?

Like darkness is only the absence of light

Through death, the physical presence is out of sight

Death is not the end

When we heaven ward ascend

To merge with the Divine

And be in eternal joy in God`s shrine

Ah, how life suddenly changes

From ignorance to Knowledge it ranges!




Sakthi Arthi


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