Life's Best Decision

When the heart with hurt is barb-wired

And the mind utterly tired

With all the insanity around

It was in PARASAKTHI solace i found

From the time SHE held my hand

And the minute I stepped on MARUVOOR'S Holy land

SHE took me into her fold

I left worldly attachments of money and gold

And walked HER path

Cleansing myself in a spiritual bath

Surrendering to AMMA was life's best decision

Often SHE gave to me a clear vision

How SHE takes care of me

Her compassion goes beyond the skies and the sea

So vast, it's unimaginable

So deep, it's incredible

What more could i ask for

From the food I ate to the clothes I wore

SHE provided every single thing

And the least I could do is Her praises sing

Through every breath, at every step, with every blink of my eye

When I laugh, work or cry

It's HER name i chant

For SHE is the gardener and I am Her plant!




Sakthi Arthi


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