Living in a Society

Most of us live in anxiety

Worried about who's back biting

Or interfering when others are fighting

Jealousy strikes when the other is doing well

Few relatives always casting an evil spell

Digging information to aimlessly talk

Their favourite pastime is somebody to mock

Envious if one`s got the latest car

Gossip is like an untuned Guitar

No words of praise for those who make it

But waiting for an opportunity, like when two split

A person is worthy only after he/she dies

Truth in all does suddenly arise

If only people in Society

Would lead their lives in piety

Controlling their tongues and mind

Leaving grudges and hatred behind

Societies all over the world would flourish

If each other with compassion nourish

But in vain

People cannot from negativity abstain

Putting someone down gives them some cheap thrill

Instead of helping those who are in dire straits of rill

It's such a  pity!

But my faith in AMMA has guided me

To stay away from such things

For indulgence bad Karma it brings

Distancing myself, I pray for all

Let the Divine in Society someday install

Devotion, Love & Kindness in every heart

So Societies wont fall apart!


Sakthi Arthi


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