We Deserve

Have you ever experienced how people as friends you once considered to be

Recede like the waves in a sea

Sometimes even relationships fizzle

These unraveled mysteries on life drizzle

Like there are no answers

Similar to malignant cancers

You are shocked that you are fired from your dream job

Out of the blue your best friend turns into a snob

Have you ever stopped to wonder

About all this blunder?

How life could do this to you

And how you are going to get through

But there is an answer lurking behind all this

Indirectly leading you to bliss

Like plucking out the weeds

And guiding us to the proper path where life proceeds

Giving us the right kind of people and things we deserve

It's good if we could observe

How AMMA guides

Through troubles and tides

The day you begin to believe

Grace do you receive

AMMA knows what is good for each one of us

So the next time you miss the bus

Don't stomp your foot and curse

It could have been worse

But it is a blessing indeed

To be given what we really need!


Sakthi Arthi (Switzerland)


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