The Significance of Chin Mudra

The Chin mudra, which is a particular positioning of the fingers of the hand, is typically used in either seated cross-legged meditation or pranayama with the hands resting on the thigh, near the knee, and the spine erect. The thumb and index finger tips of each hand are joined together, and the remaining 3 fingers extended.

Chin means consciousness in Sanskrit and this gesture has an effect of grounding the mind and allowing the devotee to focus on their meditation.

The thumb signifies the supreme soul or Brahman, and the index finger signifies the individual soul which is within us, or Atman. The union of the thumb and the index finger represents the spiritual connection and underlying energy that constantly traverses from the supreme to the individual soul, both at a spiritual or energetic plane, and a worldly or physical body plane.  

The middle, ring and little finger represent the three classic qualities of all nature, known as the Three Gunas:

  • Middle finger - Sattva: purity, wisdom and true understanding
  • Ring finger - Rajas: action, passion and movement
  • Little finger - Tamas: inertion, lethargy and darkness


The aim of meditation is to transcend these three states and progress from darkness into light and from ignorance to wisdom.

The three extended fingers also represent the three main impurities that the devotee is trying to remove from their mind, that is

  • ego (middle finger),
  • illusion or maya (ring finger) and
  • karma (little finger),

particularly the accrual and consequences of karma from past lives and the current life.

Holding the chin mudra position during meditation and focusing on pure thoughts, acts as a reminder and physical representation of the purpose of meditation, that is to remove the negativities from our daily lives and strive for the blissful experience of the individual soul uniting with the divine soul.

Devotees of Arul Thiru Amma are blessed that SHE has educated us on the significance of the Mudra and that it is a significant part of our daily worship and prayers in Mandrams and at home.



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