Sakthi Oli - 1982-89

Anandam - Divine Bliss

When is a person able to achieve Divine Bliss in their life?

A person can achieve divine bliss, or Ananda, when they are able to control the vagaries of their monkey mind. That is, when they have mastered the mind, and overcome the mind mastering them.

There is a common English saying: ‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop’. This is often the case if we do not control our mind, for it is free to wander and engage in negative thoughts. These thoughts can then lead to negative speech and actions.

People often say that we are unable to control our mind as our thought processes are controlled by our fate, karma and Maya (illusion). However Amma has said that we need to actively work on controlling our mind, and not simply use the above as an excuse.

“Do not blame me for the negative thoughts and consequences that arise from your actions. You should be able to control your thought, word and deed.”

Amma has given us this body and mind for the sole purpose of being her instrument and performing her divine work. However She has also created the challenge of Maya for us as well. It is part of our spiritual growth that we overcome this illusory world filled with duality.

If we strive to work hard through meditation, we will be able to remove the seven negative qualities of selfishness, anger, lust, jealousy, untruth, tendency to steal and tendency to blame others. It is only once we do this that we will truly see the divine light that is within us and be able to manifest and radiate this light to all whom we are in contact with.


Am I The Doctor or Is Adigalar The Doctor?

We have many questions that run through our minds. For certain questions you will get the answers but for others you will not. As such in my life I had a few questions and an incident took place that cleared these questions of mine. This incident witnessed Amma's grace and spirituality.

About 7 years ago I had chest pains and I couldn't even speak. Four people had to carry me and lay me down in my room. A family doctor of ours came and checked my pulse and looked at my aunt with a displeasing face. My aunt started crying. My friends who where there at that time put me in a car and took me to the local hospital. I was treated for two days and was then taken to Apollo hospital to get checked by a family friend who is a cardiologist. They carried out many tests and diagnosed that I had a blockage in one of my artillery. I was advised that I required bypass surgery immediately. At that stage I informed the doctors that I will first do patha poojai for Amma  prior to having this operation.

As soon as I entered the Arul Koodam, Amma gracefully looked at me from head to toe and asked me 'what?'. I explained to Amma what had happened and how the doctors had advised me to go through with a bypass surgery. Amma listened to all what I had to say and looked at me again from head to toe and said you no longer will have any health issues. She then went on to say that I did not require a bypass surgery but needed to do a piles operation. She said with a smile that if I went and said this to the doctors they will ask "am I the doctor or is Adhikalar a doctor?". But Amma stressed that I needed to do a piles operation. She then  asked me to show her my right palm and she dragged her finger along my 'Ayul Rege'. As she did this kunkumam outlined my 'Ayul Regai' (life line). I closed my palm carefully thinking that Amma had given this kunkumam to use while under operation for piles. It was only after that I realised that Amma had done this in the intention of extending my life span. Amma said that after the piles operation the doctors will prescribe some medications. She asked that I buy them from the pharmacy however avoid consuming it.



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