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"When righteousness in the world gives place to unrighteousness, I will descend to Earth and be born there to restore righteousness once again." ~ Amma’s Oracle

Arul Thiru Bangaru Adigalar was born on March 3rd, 1941 at Melmaruvathur village to Shri Gopala Naicker and Meenakshi Ammal. He is believed to be a POORNA AVATAR (holding all 16 qualities of an Avatar) and the incarnation of the Supreme power - ADHIPARASAKTHI.

The term 'AVATAR' means one who has descended to Earth in human form from the Spiritual Realm or God form to re-establish righteousness in the world and preserve the human race. Mother Adhiparasakthi, in her boundless grace, has therefore come down to this physical plane and taken human form as Adigalar, to re-establish virtue and instil spirituality, by making an example of Herself.


Early Years

As a young boy, Adigalar started his schooling at the primary school in Chotthupakkam and continued his high school at Acharapakkam.

Adigalar had experiences with Adhiparasakthi throughout these early stages in his life. When he was a child, Adhiparasakthi in the form of a snake, climbed, crawled and played on his body.

When he was a little boy and his sister passed away he would visit her grave, as he could not bear the separation. One day while sitting on the grave he became thirsty and Adhiparasakthi in the form of Uma Maheswari gave him holy water from the River Ganga, which she produced from her knotted hair and blessed him.

Through these experiences, Adhiparasakthi chose to inform the world of Her incarnation in the form of young Adigalar.

Completing his high school, he joined the Chingalpattu Government teacher training school. During this period He often experienced states of trance, frenzy and fainting spells. Following his training, he began teaching at Acharappakkam School.

Family Life 

“It is because Adigalar is a Family Saint that it gives credit to this Spiritual Organisation. It is best for you to participate in this spiritual movement as husband and wife". ~ Amma’s oracle

On 4th September 1968, Adigalar married Selvi.Lakshmi, the ninth daughter of Sri. Venkatachala Naicker and Srimathi Vishalakshi of Uthiramerur. They have two sons and two daughters who are also heavily involved in the Movement. The greatness of this Avatar lies in practising spirituality even as a family man.


Archarya Abishegam

One day Arul Thiru AMMA told HER Bearded son / Thaadi Paalagan (Dr T.P. Meenakshi Sundaram) and another devotee well versed in scriptures:

“Son the time has come to raise Baalagan (Young son – term Adigalar was referred to in the early period by Adhiparasakthi) into a sage. The Archarya Abhishekam (Holy Bath and Initiation into Guruhood) should be done to Baalagan on the night of 13th April 1979 and completed by early dawn of 14th April 1979. Make the necessary arrangements to perform the ceremony.”

The Archarya Abhishekam is usually performed to a spiritually advanced person who has attained a level fit to be initiated to become a Guru or Spiritual teacher. To such a one, his own Guru or another highly advanced soul give initiation through holy Mantras (hymns) and the Abhishekam (Holy bath).

Arul Thiru AMMA directed the Bearded son and the other devotee to perform this sacred ceremony and assigned them respective duties through detailed instructions. Whenever there was any doubt in their mind, She used to appear in their dreams and clarify them. She had told them the details of the rituals and prayers of ‘Maha Shodasi Mantra’, Nyasa, Avarna and others to be adopted in the process.

When the preliminary arrangements were being undertaken, such as  getting sacred waters from the rivers of India, drawing the Chakras (geometric patterns) and conducting various poojas including Kalasa pooja (Sacred pot filled with Holy water ritual worship), Arul Thiru AMMAtold the Bearded son and the devotee:

"I myself shall come and accept your Abhishekam”.

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Adgalar - The Divine And Yet...

Adigalar has the external appearance of an ordinary villager, absolutely unassuming, simple in dress, generally clad in a red dhothi at the waist with a white loose shirt on top. At the Siddhar Peetam however, he puts on an upper red cloth or shawl instead of a white shirt. 

When he is engaged in worship in the Siddhar Peetam complex, he is clad in a red dhoti only like any other male devotee during service in the Sanctum Sanctorum. Thus he looks absolutely no different from and the same as any other devotee in the Siddhar Peetam. There is no external paraphernalia, often associated with Gurus of established Spiritual Orders or Organisations. 

Adigalar is an embodiment of kindness, politeness, calmness, courtesy, balance and love. He is very informal in all his talks and interactions with the devotees and visitors. He greets many a devotee or acquaintance with a characteristic familiarity, closeness or nearness as, ‘How are you sir? What is the news in the village?’

This disarming way of His greeting builds an exceptionally natural rapport with devotees, who feel quite free to express their thoughts, feelings or grievances without any inhibition, hesitation or reservation. Adigalar uses a colloquial accent, intonation and expression in His mother tongue Tamil. Even a child or an illiterate villager can easily understand him.

He does not engage himself in any high sounding quotation but mostly uses familiar words and metaphors. These are often drawn from day to day experiences and occurrences in human life and from the laws of Nature as observed in the working of the five elements of sky, air, fire (sun), water and earth and their evolutionary emanations or manifestations of plants and animals. All the same He is always aware of the highest philosophic truths and most intricate spiritual lore contained in the holy scriptures of all religions.

Adigalar’s interactions – both as human and Divine – are directly at the heart to heart level with each devotee or a group of devotees within the Siddhar Peetam, Sakthi Peetams, Weekly worshipping centres or occasionally in private residences. His way is one of action and not of talk. He talks little but does more by His silence and presence. Even while being present on the dais in a spiritual or other function, he is often an observer or a witness. Yet he controls and guides every little activity by His august presence. He does not address in any public platform or addressing system. Indeed He does more in His subtle level than in the mere physical form.

He is thus totally different from the traditional Gurus in that He is an Avatar and Guru, an Avataric Guru. He only has his devotees, not any disciples as in the conventional Guru-Sishya or Teacher-Taught system.

Adigalar’s simple demeanour and guileless unassuming nature can be sometimes mistaken and misconstrued by the ill-informed, ill-advised and indiscrete individuals into the delusion and thinking that Adigalar is not different from any other human, but Adigalar is all the while fully AWARE of the purpose for which the visitor has come and the impending queries he has in mind.

This ‘ALL AWARENSS’ (Chith principle) comes to the knowledge of the visitor only when Adigalar wills to reveal it or thinks that the occasion needs and demands it. This may pertain to a mere mundane worldly matter or the highest spiritual knowledge and truth.



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