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ARULMIGU ADHIPARASAKTHI SIDDHAR PEETAM is situated at Melmaruvathur, a small village, 92 km south of Chennai, in the Kanchipuram District of Tamil Nadu, India.

The location of the Temple is steeped in 2000 years of history. It is at this place 21 Siddhars (highly evolved souls or God-realised beings, similar to Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Mohammed and other great spiritual Masters/Gurus) attained Jeeva Samaadhi (left their mortal body however continue to live in the astral plane). Hence it is known as the Siddhar Peetam.

In the 1960s, where the current temple’s sanctum sanctorum stands, there was a single neem tree that stood in the land of Thiru. Gopala Naicker, Adigalar’s father. This tree instead of bearing bitter tasting fruit secreted sweet nectar. Residents surrounding the area would taste the nectar whenever they passed this tree and several reported their ailments were cured.


Emergence of Suyambu - 1966

In 1966, a severe cyclonic storm ravaged the land around Maruvathur and uprooted this tree, exposing the Swayambu (a self-emerging, naturally formed oval-shaped rock form) beneath.

The Supreme power who revealed ‘Itself’ in the form of the Swayambu proclaimed that ‘It’ had transmigrated into His Holiness Bangaru Adigalar and would give oracles through Him to save the world, through promoting devotion and spiritual growth.

Consequently, around midnight, Adigalar awoke from his sleep and stated that he wished to mark the site where He was going to reside and indicated that those who were bold enough could accompany him.

Adigalar left the house, prostrated and rolled on the ground until he reached the location of the Swayambu and where the current temple is now situated. He declared to his father, Thiru. Gopal Naicker, a shrine should be constructed at that site.

Thereafter, Adigalar attended school as usual, taught his pupils and the days rolled by. The spot pointed out by Adigalar was cleared of bushes, a thatched shed laid and Thiru. Gopala Naicker began daily prayers and worship at the makeshift shrine.

This shrine was initially known as ‘Kali shrine’ as Adigalar looked very ferocious, with large eyes and projected a drooping tongue, a whip and trident in the left hand and neem leaf in the right hand.


The First Oracle - 1971

In 1971, the first Oracle was given through Adigalar from that location and the Power prophesied that,

'Its descending to earth was as a Mother and She should be worshipped as the Goddess Adhiparasakthi and the world would go through a spiritual revolution and a New Renaissance would emerge.'

In the early period, Amma uttered oracles to those who directly approached Her. Those who were bound for the weekly markets on seeing the temple would stop their cars and put money in the donation box. To such people, Amma called them voluntarily and would speak to them in Her Divine state. Unfortunately, many people did not realise the significance of Amma’s oracle and took Her divine words lightly. Amma also faced a lot of opposition from the villagers of Sothupakkam, who warned Thiru. Gopala Niacker stating, “Your son makes prophesies to the closely known and not to others. He declares everything in public. Give him a warning to be careful.”

Adigalar however continued to lead a family life combined with this spiritual practice. His daily routine involved taking a bath in the well near the temple, worship at the Swayambuu, attend school and then pronounce divine oracles on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays to the chosen few fortunate souls.


Installation of Mother Adhiparasakthi Idol - 1977

Initially the Swayambu alone was worshipped for many years in the shrine. Thereafter on 25th November 1977, the idol of Mother Adhiparasakthi was installed in the sanctum sanctorum. Mother Adhiparasakthi instructed the unique form of this idol through Her oracles. The idol is one metre tall, seated on a thousand-petal lotus seat, with Her right leg folded and the left leg resting on the lotus petal. The thousand-petal lotus signifies meditation. She holds the bud of a lotus in Her right hand and in Her left hand the mudra (sign) of knowledge. Her hair is plaited and knotted upwards like a crown. 


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