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Archarya Abishegam: Holy Bath and Initiation as Guru

One day Arul Thiru AMMA told HER Bearded son / Thaadi Paalagan (Dr T.P. Meenakshi Sundaram) and another devotee well versed in scriptures:

“Son the time has come to raise Baalagan (Young son – term Adigalar was referred to in the early period by Adhiparasakthi) into a sage. The Archarya Abhishekam (Holy Bath and Initiation into Guruhood) should be done to Baalagan on the night of 13th April 1979 and completed by early dawn of 14th April 1979. Make the necessary arrangements to perform the ceremony.”

The Archarya Abhishekam is usually performed to a spiritually advanced person who has attained a level fit to be initiated to become a Guru or Spiritual teacher. To such a one, his own Guru or another highly advanced soul give initiation through holy Mantras (hymns) and the Abhishekam (Holy bath).

Arul Thiru AMMA directed the Bearded son and the other devotee to perform this sacred ceremony and assigned them respective duties through detailed instructions. Whenever there was any doubt in their mind, She used to appear in their dreams and clarify them. She had told them the details of the rituals and prayers of ‘Maha Shodasi Mantra’, Nyasa, Avarna and others to be adopted in the process.

When the preliminary arrangements were being undertaken, such as  getting sacred waters from the rivers of India, drawing the Chakras (geometric patterns) and conducting various poojas including Kalasa pooja (Sacred pot filled with Holy water ritual worship), Arul Thiru AMMAtold the Bearded son and the devotee:

"I myself shall come and accept your Abhishekam”.


The two devotees of the Divine Mother were wondering on the significance of this Divine revelation. If Amma were to come (that is possess the form Adigalar), then it is no longer just Adigalar who would be initiated but really Amma, the Divine Mother Herself! Then who in the world is suited to give initiation to the Divine Mother Herself? They were both puzzled and utterly confused as to how to proceed in this matter.

The omniscient and all-knowing Divine Mother later in Her Divine voice spoke, stating,

“The Bearded son shall perform Paatha pooja (worship of the Holy Feet)”.

This solved the problem. By performing Paatha Pooja, the Bearded son ‘worships’ the lotus feet of Adigalar, human only in form, but filled with the divinity of the Divine Mother. Adigalar was thus to be initiated as a Guru in a most unique and rare way unknown to spiritual practices. 


The Sacred Ceremony

By the night of 13th April 1979 all arrangements for the Archarya Abishekam were over. Holy water had been brought from the various rivers in the country. The Chakras were drawn as directed, the holy hymns (Mantras) were chanted, and the worship of the Kalasa (sacred pot filled with holy water) was also completed. The atmosphere was fully charged with divine vibrations.

Exactly at midnight, Amma (Adigalar in trance) came in gentle graceful steps with a bunch of neem leaves in Her left hand. Suddenly She threw out a few neem leaves, all of which fell down on the floor as gold ‘Thalis (sacred ornament/necklace worn by married women) and silver coins. When some devotees picked them up, Amma directed them to worship the Kalasa and keep the ornaments and coins themselves.

Slowly Amma came to the spot where the Abhishekam was to take place. There, She sat on the chair and adopted a posture with Her legs and hands exactly the same as those of the deity, Mother Adhiparasakthi, in the sanctum sanctorum. Her face also emitted the same sweet bewitching smile of the Deity. It was indeed a sight for the great Gods to see and cherish. What a wonderful symbolic way of announcing to the devotees that the Mother Deity in the Sanctum sanctorum is now squarely seated in Adigalar’s physical form before them!

The assembled throng of devotees were in absolute raptures at this rare phenomenon of the Divine in Human Form and the Human in Divine Form both in One! There was an emotional upsurge and spontaneous exclamations: “Oh Amma”. Any lurking doubt, confusion, illusion or delusion in the minds of devotees as to whether Adigalar is really, ‘Amma’ simply vanished in a trice after this experience on that momentous and auspicious midnight hour.

The Bearded son performed the Abhishekam, as had been instructed. He request Amma to please be seated in another chair for the Paatha Pooja. The Bearded son garlanded Amma after getting her seated in the other chair. As he was about to start the Paatha Pooja, Amma flicked the garland with a Her little finger. The garland flew up of Her neck into the air and squarely landed on the neck of the Bearded son – a grace showered by the Divine Mother even before he performed the first ever Paatha Pooja.

The Bearded son proceeded with the Paatha Pooja. He smeared the sandalwood paste on the lotus feet of Amma and the kumkum dot. Presently, Amma took a bit of the sandalwood paste already smeared on Her right foot by the toe of Her left foot and placed a dot on the forehead of the Bearded son.

This is what is termed in scriptures as ‘Initiation through touch of the Holy feet’ (Sparsha Deeksha). 

How blessed was the Bearded son to have been the chosen son to have been showered with Amma’s grace during the very First Paatha Pooja. 


Anointment and Declaration

Later in Her Divine voice, Amma, stated:

“The conventional method of initiating a disciple into Guruhood by his Spiritual Guru is to make the disciple self-realised and be conscious of his fitness to become a Guru by his own further self-efforts and following the directions of his Guru. 

But the other subtle method is to have the disciple elevated already, while he was still not conscious of his level of attainment and to lead him on to perfection by operating from his Inner self, which is not known or revealed outside. This is how Baalagan has been elevated by me”.

On 19th January 1984, Amma in Her Divine voice declared to a group of Devotees:

"I have conferred the spiritual guruhood on adigarlar. Accept him as your guru and be benefitted".



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