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Varaha Purana

Andhakasura, a demon chief, who had obtained several boons from Lord Brahma by practising several severe austerities, had become very powerful and was causing trouble to the Devas or demi-gods. The Devas complained to Lord Shiva, however during this time, Andhakasura appeared in Kailasa, the abode of Lord Shiva and tried to carry Lord Shiva’s consort Parvathi away. Lord Shiva angered by this engaged in combat with the Asura and shot him with an arrow wounding him. This resulted in blood flowing from his wound, and each drop of blood that touched the earth formed into another replica of Andhakasura, until there were several thousands of Andhakasuras to fight.

In an effort to stop the spillage of blood on to the Earth, Lord Shiva created out of the flame from his mouth a Sakthi called Yogeswari. Indra and the other Devas also sent their corresponding Sakthis to serve the same purpose. These female counterparts of the gods were armed with the same weapons, wore the same ornaments, rode the same vehicles and carried the same banners as their corresponding male Gods. Together they defeated Andhakasura



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