Amma Paved The Way For A New Career

At the end of 2011 I was unfortunately made redundant from my work. Despite months and months of searching, it was very difficult to find a job due to the market conditions. By this point I started to contemplate studying in another field to increase the prospect of finding a job. However, I was still unsure as to whether this would increase the likelihood of finding a job and whether I should even move into a completely different career pathway.

In June 2012 my friend went to Maruvathur, so I asked her if she could do a Paatha Pooja for me and ask AMMA if I should study or to continue looking for a job. Amma said "mela padika sollu". I don’t know what I was thinking at that time, but even after receiving AMMA’s message, I was being slack and didn't make any progress to apply for any courses. 

During this period, one night my mum was blessed with a dream with our Arul Thiru Amma. Amma told my mum "avalai chuma love panni kondu irukamal puthagathai eduthupadika sollu". Upon hearing about the dream, I took Amma’s message seriously and applied for a course in July.

Almost 2 months later I had the opportunity to go to Maruvathur for a friend’s wedding which was overseen by our AMMA. On my first day there doing  Paatha Pooja, as I put my first step into the Arul Koodam AMMA uttered the words "padika thondangittiya?".

Throughout my course I was passing my assignments and exams. I was so surprised and thought that I had become very smart and studious after starting to pray AMMA. A few months later, I went to Maruvathur to take part in the Irumudi and Thai Poosam Jothi function. During our Paatha Pooja my mother asked Amma something about my sister and Amma pointed and looked towards me.

She said "padikatha magalaiyae pass pana vachuttan ithu seiya maattena?" That's when I knew it was Amma that was making me pass each subject.

I started and completed this course with AMMA's blessings and am currently working in a good job that also came in the form of Her blessing. All glories to Amma!


- A.M.M.A Mandram Devotee (Anonymous)


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