Blessings For My Studies and Job

Om sakthi. Guruvadi Saranam - Thiruvadi Saranam.

I have been a firm believer of my Guru Arul Thiru AMMA over the past few years and my belief in Arul Thiru AMMA has only gotten stronger over these years. Our first visit to Melmaruvathur was in the summer of 2006 as I was entering into my final year at high school. Our family was blessed to have the opportunity to perform PAATHA POOJA to Mother Almighty in human form, during which Arul Thiru AMMA blessed me for success in my studies and future job prospects.


We walked out happily and returned to Australia. At the completion of my VCE, although my results weren't as promising as I had wished, with Arul Thiru AMMA's blessings I managed to secure a place in a course of my preference at a reputable University. Now at the end of my degree, while many of my peers are struggling to find full time work in a competitive environment, I have been lucky enough to secure a graduate position at a reputable organisation. None of this would have been remotely possible without Arul Thiru AMMA's blessings.

While times have been rather tough during the past years, an important lesson I have learnt is that Arul Thiru AMMA has a plan for each and everyone of us. As the Mother of this Universe SHE knows what HER children require and will ensure we get only what is good for us and when it is good for us. Although during hardships, it is inevitable to feel frustrated and fed up, it is important to remember that the Almighty is always guiding and looking after HER children.

Guruvadi Saranam - Thiruvadi Saranam.

A.M.M.A Mandram Devotee (Anonymous)


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