Amma’s Aganda Theepam Oil

You may have heard many Sakthis advocate for the power of Aganda Theepa Oil and its potency to cure illnesses. Aganda Theepa Oil is the oil used for the aganda theepam during the Navarathri festival (correct me if I am wrong here). The oil used in Maruvathur itself can be purchased there. I believe at mandrams here they mix the oil from Maruvathur with the oil from the aganda theepam lit here. This oil has the capacity to cure all illnesses under the sun.

BUT, what most people forget to realise is that it is not the oil itself that cures our illnesses. It is the belief that we have in Amma that transcends all scientific and logical explanations and alleviates all our physical illnesses. Although I was skeptical at first, Amma has shown the power of this oil by curing the numbness in my fingers and a rotator cuff injury which otherwise would have compelled me to undergo a surgical operation.


A few years ago, I started feeling numbness and severe pain in my fingers and right hand. I attribute this to a car accident my parents and I had a few years ago. As a result, my father developed the aforementioned symptoms. After rigorous medical examinations my father had to go under the knife. It was a high risk operation as it involved operating on the central nervous system. If he chose not to be operated he could eventually be paralysed was what the doctor told him. With Amma’s blessings all went well. A few months after my father’s operation, I started getting the same numbness and pain in my hand that my father felt and it was almost certain that it could be because of the same car accident. Therefore, I consulted the same neurosurgeon who assisted my father. All hi-tech scans such as CAT and MRI scans revealed no indication of any abnormality. Yet my pain did not fade. I recall that my friend’s mother once told me at the mandram that she too had numbness and pain in her hands and that she could not even lift her hands above her shoulder and only after applying Amma’s oil that she got cured. Therefore, I decided to put all my faith in Amma and started applying Amma’s oil. Within a few weeks the pain and numbness vanished and so did my trauma.

There was also another instance where Amma’s oil proved to be the medicine of all medicines. What makes this more special is the fact that although it was certain that I had injured my rotator cuff (thanks to GOOGLE) all scans revealed no indication of abnormality in my shoulder. Yet, the pain did not deteriorate until I finally started applying Amma’s Aganda theepam oil. Within less than a week, the pain I suffered for almost a year disappeared without a trace.

Two things I awe from this experience. Firstly, how all those sophisticated scans failed to identify anything. Secondly, Amma let me look for all the possible avenues to treat my illnesses and then made me realize that ‘She’ is the ultimate saviour of all human pains and sufferings. There is nothing that she can’t do to those who are willing to accept her as ‘Aadhiparasakthi’ in human form and who follow her principles by doing thondu and serving the needy. It still startles me the extent Amma goes to prove to us mere mortals of the human race that she is in fact the Supreme Goddess Aadhiprasakthi. One thing that we should note is that Amma can only step down to an extent and assist us and save us from this worldly desires and sufferings. It is imperative that we realise this and withstand the test of times and hold on to Amma’s holy feet (till the end). Why I say this is because I have heard and read many a times of people giving up on Amma if their prayers are not answered within a time predetermined by them.

-> Could this be due to their karma?
-> If they were to be a bit more patient what may have happened?

I sincerely thank Amma for giving me the right experiences at the right time to make me realise her as the supreme Goddess Aadhiparasakthi. I pray to her that each and everyone of us gets a chance to feel her kindness, experience her love and with her guidance start climbing the spiritual ladder from the bottom rung.



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