Amma’s Aganda Theepam Oil

You may have heard many Sakthis advocate for the power of Aganda Theepa Oil and its potency to cure illnesses. Aganda Theepa Oil is the oil used for the aganda theepam during the Navarathri festival (correct me if I am wrong here). The oil used in Maruvathur itself can be purchased there. I believe at mandrams here they mix the oil from Maruvathur with the oil from the aganda theepam lit here. This oil has the capacity to cure all illnesses under the sun.

BUT, what most people forget to realise is that it is not the oil itself that cures our illnesses. It is the belief that we have in Amma that transcends all scientific and logical explanations and alleviates all our physical illnesses. Although I was skeptical at first, Amma has shown the power of this oil by curing the numbness in my fingers and a rotator cuff injury which otherwise would have compelled me to undergo a surgical operation.


Menstruation is not defilement for Mother Adhiparasakthi

Om sakthi. Guruvadi Saranam -  Thiruvadi Saranam.

One of the first things you hear about and witness as you step in to the world of Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi and HER beloved Son Arul Thiru AMMA's spirituality is the importance SHE gives to females. One of the many ways Arul Thiru AMMA has shown me this will stay with me as a very special and pleasant experience.

We were amidst the preparation of Navaraathiri festival at Mandram. We had started preparations late night due to the availability of the hall hire and had to stay overnight at the hall to complete all the preparations. At one stage there were only four Sakthis remaining, and we decided to set the Kolu stage. As I was going through my menstrual cycle and because the Kolu was being made with Hindu Idols, I thought it was best not to go near there.


Blessings For My Studies and Job

Om sakthi. Guruvadi Saranam - Thiruvadi Saranam.

I have been a firm believer of my Guru Arul Thiru AMMA over the past few years and my belief in Arul Thiru AMMA has only gotten stronger over these years. Our first visit to Melmaruvathur was in the summer of 2006 as I was entering into my final year at high school. Our family was blessed to have the opportunity to perform PAATHA POOJA to Mother Almighty in human form, during which Arul Thiru AMMA blessed me for success in my studies and future job prospects.



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